Experience The Beautiful Ancient Town Streets of Spello, Italy

Experience The Beautiful Ancient Town Streets of Spello, Italy

Spello, Umbria, Italy

When you enter the ancient fortress walls of Spello you step back in time; walking through medieval gateways, past Roman ruins, and shopping in small delis that have been run by the same family for generations.

A Medieval town was built on the Roman foundations. The hikers love to get lost in the town’s streets web. In summer its streets get decorated with hundreds of flowers and justly is called one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Spello or Hispellum, Umbria, Italy. An ancient town in the province of Perugia fascinates with marvelous architecture, compressed in a rather tiny area. Spello’s Medieval buildings, built on a Roman foundations, determine the dense web of small narrow streets.

Wherever you will go, it will lead you somewhere nice. Actually, it is even recommended to get lost in the streets of Spello – it enables you to feel the spirit of the village. Friendly and hospitable locals are always ready to chat and direct you. It seems that exploring the streets of Spello is a never ending adventure!

Why Go?

Spello is all texture—rose coloured stone walls, crumbling terracotta roof tiles, stone pathways, and weathered wooden doors. A unique village, with rich architectural heritage from three eras: Roman, Medieval and Rennaisance.

The town has aged well and its citizens maintain it with pride. Flower pots adorn balconies, walls and stairways and spring brings a riot of colors. A great time to visit is during Infiorata flower festival when the streets are covered with intricate flower designs.

Explore Old Town

Garibaldi runs right through the heart of an old town, where the churches, Town Hall, interesting galleries and boutiques are situated.

Simply wander the streets of Spello – each will lead you some place interesting and beautiful, whether it is a Medieval or Rennaisance architecture, cobblestone alleys or little stone bridges that connect houses.

Spello is the perfect base for exploring Umbria, with easy access to other towns by train and a laid-back charm that draws you in. It’s only 8km from Assisi but lacks the crowds of tourists and pilgrims. It’s a small town but even after two weeks we still found new streets to explore, ducking through archways down another winding alleyway.

Like most small Italian towns the quiet streets come to life on Sundays with big groups of families and friends strolling the streets, chatting, laughing and enjoying leisurely lunches on restaurant terraces. In the tiny Piazza della Repubblica old Italian men in smart shirts and trousers occupy the benches and you get the feeling they’ve known each other their entire lives.

When you follow the main street up the steep hill to the top of the town, the quiet lanes become impossibly picturesque and there are views of the rolling green hills of the Umbrian countryside.

To experience the countryside you can hike along the Roman Aqueduct above town. To get there walk to the top of the town, past Piazza Vallegloria and out through the Porta Montanara. Follow signs for Collepino and look for the sign to the Aquedotto Romano on the right. The path takes you through peaceful olive groves with views of Spello in the distance.

Enjoy local wines, and olive oils through daily tours and delicious meals at small cozy ristorante’s scattered througout this breathtaking, historic gem.