How does it work?

If you are wondering how does it work – Foolah is a simple name with a simple concept.

1) Your favorite travel website along with Foolah gains access to a hotel at a specific price.

2) Your favorite travel website then increases the price of that hotel typically 25-50% depending upon the time of year.  During the holidays, that increase can be 75% or more!  That is profit they make from your purchase.

3) Wouldn’t it be nice to get the hotel at the price your favorite travel website received it?  Well, it is time for Foolah to pull the kimono back to provide you with the lowest prices possible.  When you browse, shop, and compare within Foolah for that travel service, you will see the competitor’s price, our lower price, and then our Wholesale Price option.

Wholesale Prices:       So just think, if your favorite travel website charges you $275 per night for that hotel room and the wholesale cost is only $150 per night then over 5 days that would be $625 in profit ($125 times 5 nights).

Would you like that $625 or would you like to give it to your favorite travel website?

Why overpay if you do not have to?

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